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What happens if You go to the hospital these days? – comics for children | Bokay Gyermekklinikáért Közhasznú Alapítvány

Hello Kids,

Have You ever thought about what will happen to You, if You need to visit us these days?

Near the hospital entrance, nice folks will be asking You questions about Yourself. Don’t worry, if You don’t know the answers, your Mom or Dad will help You, for sure.

Do You and your family usually wear masks? We wear it all the time. In case You are arriving not wearing a mask, we will give You one.  



There, we are going to measure your temperature as well. We know, this is not something new, your Mom or Dad might have checked your temperature at home already.



After these, if we believe that You might have the new coronavirus infection, we will separate You from the others, who we don’t suspect to be infected. 

In this place, don’t be surprised that our doctors and nurses are dressed like astronauts! Isn’t it exciting? We are going to examine you like that! This might be quite unusual, but you should know that your Mom or Dad can stay with You all the time, they are never leaving You alone.



Are You interested in how we can find out if You have the virus? This is a really important piece of information about You, don’t You think? Where do You think they are hiding? To be able to search them, we have to place an applicator stick into your throat and nose. Whoa… Don’t You worry, we promise that we will try to do that as quickly as possible, while You can sit on your Mom’s or Dad’s lap. 



After all this, if You are safe to go home, You have to follow some extra rules. We will discuss everything; it will be alright.  



However, it might happen that You need our help to get better. There is a chance that you have to stay with us, for the best. We don’t want You to worry, this is the safest place where You can be. As before, your Mom or Dad will be able to stay with You all the time. That’s a relief! We will fight together to stop this virus.


When we are sure that You recovered, we say goodbye to You, although we are going to miss You so much!  

Thank You for preparing, as we do it as well.

Take care!



The authors: Dr. Nóra Béres, Dr. Noémi Csepregi, Dr. Zsófia Csizek, Dr. Leina Mahdi, Dr. Liliána Székács-Szűcs, Dóra Garai, Melinda Cserép, Dr. Réka Garai, Dr. Péter Krivácsy              (Bókay Pediatric Clinic)